Thursday, October 28, 2010

pine cones

Since we now live at the Park/Parks now...
here's me messing w my girl, just for fun


Well halloween is in the air!!!  Tre asks me every,
can we go tricker treatin for dads bday!?!  soon buddy ;)
can i say this kid is obsessed w. candy!!! haha, and sissy
2!!  i had the chance to spend the morning w. tre
and the gang at pre-school.  Batman/Robin, fairies,
and princesses filled the halls!!  it was sooo cute.
all tre kept sayin was...Im black spidey-man...
the BAD spidey-man :)  i guess he felt special
being able to be BAD :)  Thanks Mrs. Brotherton
for creating such a great atmosphere in the
room!  the kids love u!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I had asked Tre to go brush
his teeth and this is what i walked in on.  hahahaha
( i guess u should wash ur feet, while brushing!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin farm

well it was sooo sweet to spend the morning w. just maddie,
doing something special w some great friends.   It hasnt
felt like fall yet in Az, so we're trying every excuse to MAKE it
fall!!  Anyday now!!  ;)
This fun little place had farm animals, a little bucket ride
and little fun games to play.  It was so cute to watch Maddie
in action w all of her little buddies!!  She was totally loving it.
and this place made for some fun photos!! I couldnt get
enough of that smile. Love You Maddie Girl

Sunday, October 3, 2010


WOW.  Its been a while!!  so much going on, so little time!
For everyone who hasn't really seen...i'm kinda starting a
new gig :)
turning my passion for photography to work!
With my kids being my top priority,  id love to use my
spare time, taking pics!  Ive had such a crazy response
from people wanting me to take their pictures.
Im gonna go for it and see where it leads me.
What once was capturing the little grins on my kiddos'
faces, might become something bigger!  I love how rory
bought me this camera to express my creativity in a
new way!!  ive always loved photography....took classes
in both high school and college, and with these amazing
digital cameras today, the skys the limit.  I have
amazing friends out here who encourage and inspire
me too!!! (which i love!)
On Thurs., i was able to attend a small field trip w tre's a pumpkin patch!!  yeahhhh, i love 
everything about FALL, but not when it's 105
still!!  it was a great time to spend alone time w tre!
(thanks tia!)  
so heres some pics!