Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Nothing like old friends, that you've had forever... ones that
youve grown up with, cried with, laughed with, and even
welcomed new additions to the family with!
One thing I always look forward to, when coming back "home," is
seeing my old friends. I still cant believe that its now
"our" time to be married and have families!! We once dreamed
and wished of such a thing, and now its all becoming REAL! As
I get older, I cherish these friendships more!
(...and I also cherish the days we hang at gabels together and
just ENJOY our time together!)
Looking forward to seeing and spending more time w....MY FRIENDS!!


Wow, we've already been here a week, where has the time gone???
The kids are loving it here!!! From picking fresh peas out
of their shoot, to hunting for worms, to feeding the goat...their
smiles say it all! Tre hasnt stopped "exploring" since he got off
the plane! The biggest decisions we need to make in a day...will
it be the pool or the pond today :) Whether we're hunting for tadpoles
or jumping off the trampoline in the middle of the pond, gogo is...well
always on the GO :) Tre looks forward to this summer trip all year long.
Why wouldnt he, when theres rootbeer floats for breakfast or a lifetime
supply of "otter pops" :)
Thanks gogo for all the fun times and memories made!
....more to come, just not enough time in the day ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hanging Out

Not to much going on over here...just hanging out and
enjoying the sun, i mean our pool :)
and of course a day wouldn't be complete, without our
FAVORITE thing, OTTER pops!
The simplest things make us happy!!...i mean make THEM happy :) hahaha