Monday, September 20, 2010

betty crocker

Now i know Im not the best cook, but this week, just call me,
Betty Crocker.  WAIT... Betty Crocker bakes right??? well
then, just call me Paula Dean :) haha
Im not sure what happened to me this past week, but i was
cooking up a storm! (and thats not like me  LOL)  I hope
i can keep up the momentum for this week :)  we'll see.
(its a tough job, being a super mom and wife, but someones
gotta do it!) ;)   Maybe it's because I have an amazing
sous chef, Tre David!!
From meatloaf and mashed 2 a pork loin roast and homemade
potato pancakes 2 chicken parm...this momma had it
going down at the Lessig household!
O yea, and then Maddie was on clean-up!

 LOL!  (well at least i make myself
giggle on this blog!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I was able to spend the morning with Tre, at preschool,
and it was soooo cute.  To see them all listening, and
following directions and loving on each
was GREAT!  Tre has always loved the idea of school.
and im soo glad, we put him in KDC, this year~  He loves
it there, and attends school with some of his favorite friends...
which just makes it even better!!
Today they learned about the shape OVAL.  I could see Tre's
eyes light up, while doing the 2 craft stations.  And at
the other station, he was learning how to write his name.
Mrs. Brotherton (aka MR. Brotherton, as Tre calls her haha)
is so patient and loving.  And the kids all listen sooo well to her.
I guess i need a lesson from her!! :)
It was a GREAT morning, and Im so proud of how
well Tre does in it!!  Straight A's, here we come  lol

Gotta love Ashlyn!

(love how Ash is laying on Tre's leg!!)

Mrs. Brotherton and Tre 


So the sun is still ABLAZIN here!!  We had a little taste of fall for
a little there, but no, we're back into the 100s!!  and since we live
in our pool, i thought this was the perfect opportunity to grab a couple
of smiles!  I know alot of our friends and fam back home love
seeing them, and i don't blame them!!  they are so stinkin cute!
maddie's little gremlin smile, makes me giggle everytime!!
And Tre is turning into the greatest kid ever...i love it!
and im soo proud of him <3


And YES, my kids are always naked!!  hahaha

Thursday, September 9, 2010


SO I think I found the cutest shoes ever today!!!
They are glitzy and glam, yet still casual.
Nothing makes me happier (well some things might)
than finding an amazing pair of shoes at
an amazing price!  thank u Nordstroms Sale Rack!
And thanks Heather and Kayce for talking me
into them~hhahaha

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coconino County Fair

So this weekend brought sun, fun, cotton candy, and o yes....the fun house.
Nothing says fall to me, more than FAIRS!  And since we miss the west
end fair every year, we make up for that by heading to Flagstaff, Az.
Where else can u get roasted corn on the cob, smoked turkey legs,
and dippin dots all at one spot???  hahaha.  and yes, i tried a turkey
leg for the first time!  We kinda fell upon this place last year and
Tre loved it! (and so did i), so we made the trek back up there this
weekend.  Plus who wouldnt love getting out of 110 degree heat for 85?

Tre went on ride after ride, while poor Maddie had to watch
the WHOLE time, bc she wasnt tall enough!  (which totally stunk)
On the way home, we were also able to spend some time in sedona
and prescott was holding there annual arts fair, so we had to stop
there too, it was a fun little get-a-way!

Well, at least Maddie was distracted w. cotton candy!