Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I think these pictures explain it all....
loving the holidays w family and friends!!!

tre's cookie....and yes theres a cookie under there!

                                    Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Enjoyable THINGS

Wow, have these last couple of weeks been busy!!!
Im sure they're super busy for u as well....but at least
it's a FUN kind-of- BUSY.  Getting the Tree and
decorations up for Christmas, School Plays,
Photo Shoots, and managing 2 little ones, has
me pretty tired!!  But when there are days when
we get to CHILL, Tre and Maddie love to
paint and cook w ror and i!!!  i guess those
2 things have alot in common...they're both
MESSSSSY :)  and who wouldn't love that!
especially when mom gets to clean it all up ;P

We're anxiously awaiting the arrival
of Jay and Gogo, tom.  They're spending
Christmas w us out here, in AZ!  Tre and
Gogo have the cutest bond!!! No one quite
melts his heart like GOGO!
shoot, he even saved his Andes
Mint from Olive Garden for her!! that says alot
right there!!  Well I hope u all have a  BLESSED
Christmas Season.  May we find time to sit and
relax; may we remember and celebrate the true
meaning of this season...the birth of Christ Jesus!  its
such an awesome thing to celebrate!!

  And O yes, it rained here...we need to celebrate that 2!!  :)

Love this one!!! (shes wearing tre's old hat, on the tip top
of her head! and this face explains it all!!)

how could i ever get mad at a smile like this!!

and one amazing sunrise that i decided to grab the camera