Sunday, May 30, 2010


So I finally did it, dyed my hair red...i mean red.
ill get a better pic up, but for now, this is all i have

Memorial Weekend Pics

Round 2

So MR. Stomach bug hit our house for the second round this week!
I didnt really enjoy the first round, so im not sure way he decided to come
visit us again, but he did. So much for going up north with friends
this holiday weekend, or seeing Sex and The City w some fab friends, we
were laying this one out!!! So as with any awesome weekend here at the
house, swimming is always a must. Tre has become quite the swimmer, i must say.
It must be from Rory forcing him to swim the length of the pool :) along w. backflips,
dives and all other sorts of flying). Maddie, like I, enjoys laying back and watching
the 2 boys :) (while sipping our ice tea).
Although I was a party pooper and felt like doing absolutely nothing, I
couldnt pass up the chance to snap some pics of tre flying threw the air.
This KID has NO fear.
Hope everyone has a great memorial weekend. And I THANK all of u who have served
our country!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Its Monday am and what better way to start off the week...
Thanks dad for leaving your razor out on the bathroom sink!
"but mom, i was just cutting it, like they do in the hair cutting place!"

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So I know most of you, dont care about Rory's new car,
but some people have asked about it, and want to see here is it

Friday, May 21, 2010


RORY LESSIG, what more can I say but my perfect "match."
Ive been blogging for about a week now and have not mentioned, Rory!
SORRY! lol.
We have had quite the life together, thus far! Not only have we traveled
everywhere TOGETHER, wined and dined in many amazing cities TOGETHER,
had amazing jeep off-road adventures TOGETHER, jumped off huge rock quarries
TOGETHER, helicoptered around Hawaii TOGETHER, had the wedding of my dreams
TOGETHER...we've also made the most important thing... an AMAZING FAMILY
Thanks Rory for the ride so far, for the joys and pains, for the smiles and
tears, you always know what Im thinking or what Im going to say, before i say it!
And even though I expect u to be "perfect," I love u for who u are
And I THANK God for u everyday!
(and thx Jen for this amazing picture of him, I LOVE IT)

Star Flower

Here's a picture of the cool flower, Tre ripped off and gave to me :)
I think Im gonna have to look into getting some of these for the backyard

"thee coffeeshop"

So i know today might hit the big 1-0-0 degree mark, but I loveeeee
waking up to it still being 75!! And while it's still that "cool,"
we're gonna take total advantage of it!!! And what better way than to meet
some friends for coffee and let the kids run wild!
Everyone raves about "THE coffee shop" over near joe's farm grill,
and i have yet to get a coffee there, until today...and it was sooo yummy.
Nothing better than a great iced coffee and great company (for both Tre and I)
to start this friday!~
And they not only have great coffee, but they also have AWESOME trees to
climb!! It reminds me a little of "back home." (in Pa) Huge shady trees flank
the shop and kids climb on them any chance they can get. (or at least Tre does)
I also love going to this place, b/c the first time we came here, we met Jen, for
our first family photo shoot. And the pics came out AMAZING, of course!
Here's some pics to summarize our morning... little Jill even found a WORM
and Tre found the prettiest flower growing on the vine :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

bounce jungle

So the other day we went to bounce jungle, with some friends.
Its a huge facility where the kids run free and can bounce, jump, hop,
even FLY threw the air, on these inflatable gyms/slides :) Tre LOVED it.
On the way there, he asked if we could go see the baboons :) hahahaha
We had a blast!
I know this picture isn't the best, but this picture says it all.
I love you, JILL


Well heres some more pics of the adventure

Morning Stroll

So when there's nothing to do in the morning, and I don't feel like
going far, I'm often THANKFUL for the Starbucks, which is right around the corner!~
I also love it for days when i can't wake up, which is like every morning, but...
I love being surrounded by 2 grocery stores, a CVS, Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts,
and tons of fast food, all within a short walk. O yea and i failed to mention
PETCO. Tre loves going here. Whether its to watch the rats run around the wheel,
stare a ferret in the face, or watch the turtles swim, he is usually in awe.
I love how kids are amazed by the little things in life! From the colors on a
goldfish, to the fur on a hamsters back...they are easily amused! And I
often learn from THEM, not to take life to serious. So after grabbing a iced
latte or large black tea, and stopping by Petco, we're off to feed the ducks!
Its a great way to start the day!!!

O Yes, and we must bring TOBY!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is how i was greeting this morning, by Tre.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maddie Lou

O WAIT, i do have a daughter 2! hahaha,
after looking over my "BLOG," i noticed there
is nothing on here, about my sweet baby girl Maddie!! What more
can i say but, she's my angel! She is everything Ive ever wanted in a girl!
She wakes up and goes to bed, saying momma, momma, momma :)
and is ALWAYS willing to give ya a big kiss....mwwwwwaaaaa
I can't thank God enough for her almond-shaped eyes and crooked little smile!
Tre can do NO wrong in her eyes. She looks at him and immediately
lights up! She plays trains, shots guns, and throws balls on his command.
(She can even throw a punch, from time to time!)
And at the same time, she can walk around the house, content as can be, with her baby doll and stroller! I love dressing her up and decorating her room. I love
kissing her cheeks, and rubbing her feet!
Here's a couple of pics i love.

Bring on summer! (O wait did i say that??) I meant the "idea" of summer... BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and fresh watermelon, i love it.
What usually signifies summer to you?? Well probably warm weather, but since
the weather starts getting "warm" in April, thats not always the case here
in AZ. So i decided to take some of the corn on the cobb i had left over, and throw together a cobb salad, for lunch. I love them. Gogo got me hooked on them last summer!! The secret to a great cobb salad (2 me)...bacon, fresh avocados, grape tomatoes, and of course, fresh corn cut off the cobb!

While all the other moms are fighting for the perfect, largest
ears, in Sprouts, I'm grabbing the smallest ones :) (I love their facial
expressions when they look at me, thinking... this girl has no clue! :)
which is usually the case when it comes to cooking! hahaha)
But after many years of being raised on/near a farm, and eating corn for every meal, during the summer... Ive decided i enjoy the smaller ears, they are sooo much sweeter and crisper.
If you've never had a cobb salad, youhave to try one!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Where else, but Arizona, can u be swimming in the pool at 8:20 in the
MORNING! gotta love it