Thursday, January 13, 2011


well i guess rockin out wouldnt be
complete, w/o a MOHAWK!!
what a nice surprise to come home to
saturday.... thx  rory :)
and thx pops for this monster drum set!
tre loves it!!  (maddie 2)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Some how i kinda slacked w my camera over Christmas
break, but i guess it was nice to just sit and ENJOY
and TRY to relax (even though im not very good
at doing that :) )  Gogo and Jay were here for 10 days,
and the kids sure did love their company.
Nothing better than waking up Christmas day to
some extra family members around.  Makes it
feel more like "home."  A nice
fire burning and an extra pot of coffee and we
made it a morning!!  While Rory and Jay enjoyed the
Cardinals/Cowboys game that night, we enjoyed all
our new toys :)  We even fried a turkey and didnt
burn the house down!!!  Hope you had a great Christmas
and a heres to a blesssed 2011!
heres some random pics....ill try to add more asap.
i know, i forgot the drums, the new power wheel
pics and other goodies