Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy FALL

So with all this talk and excitement for Fall, I think im
kinda ready for it too!  And the last couple nights of
listening to the rain, has helped the anticipation for
cooler weather and all that surrounds fall time.  I love
fall!.. well who doesnt!!  Pumpkin bread, fresh apple
cider, and apple dumplings come to mind :)  If only
our leaves changed here! (thats y we always take a
trip up to Prescott AZ, every fall, to admire the view!) 
So with all the fall decorations popping up everywhere, I
grabbed a couple of inspiring things and designed some
fall wreaths. I know when u think of wreaths, u think
of Grandma's house, but i hope these are the furthest
things from that!  I love a unique wreath on my front
door!  It helps welcome you and kinda throws out there,
what you're all about.  I think it helps my house
feel more like a "home."   I put these 2 wreaths together
this week, and thought maybe i should post these, to
show you all, that you could have a piece of me at
your home, as well.  :) If any of you are interesting in me
designing u a wreath, (or any floral arrangement need) let
me LOVE to do it for u.  i can even ship them!
Hope you enjoy and HAPPY FALL...well soon ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Modern Cupcake

I loveeee my friends!! and i love how, so many of them are SO creative!! friends inspire me to be creative and encourage me to
continue w. whatever crazy thought i have at that moment!
I love how we all have our little niches.  And how different, yet the same,
 we all are.
As for me, I feel like my creativity has begun to overflow!!! which i love to feel
and see!!  (although sometimes it overwhelms me! )  lol
This whole mommy-thing kinda put a stop to this, for
all great purposes, but im glad to be back!!  Whether im trying to bring
yet another color into my house... whether it be the walls or even spray-
painting my kitchen chairs, or making fall wreaths, or snapping shots w.
my camera, i love it all! And im so thankful that God has put this
desire/gift in my heart! 
An amazing friend of mine, just started up an amazing cupcake business,
called Modern Cupcake.  Yet another amazing pursuit by Jill! 
These cupcakes are delish!  they make you smile just imagining what
they taste like!!  As you can tell the kids LOVED them too...
Happy 2nd BDAY ROWEN!!!
and wishing u great continued success in the future JILL


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


One of the last things we were able to enjoy in Pa,
was Eagles Training Camp. I cant really say i love
football, but its always fun to watch it live and let
Tre and Maddie jump around in the kids area. 
Living in Philly my last years before moving to
Arizona, you pretty much HAD to LOVE the
Eagles!  Philly is such an amazing sports city!! 
You kinda looked forward to football season,
just to  watch the city go crazy!  Great memories

Monday, August 16, 2010


So when Daniela asked me to snap shots of Chloe and Connor, I felt honored...and
jumped on the fun opportunity!  I cant say it gets better than this,
photographing twins who had been born a week and 1/2 ago!! Their fragile
bodies and delicate features made for the perfect pictures!  I know Im
kinda new at this photo shoot stuff, but I think i actually got some great shots!
Thanks Dan and Jeannine for the opportunity! and I looking forward to watching
these bundles of joy grow!!  welcome to the world chloe and connor!!
Here are a few of my favorite shots

Friday, August 13, 2010


So we made it past the first week home. Lots of
unpacking, CLEANING, organizing, and getting Tre ready
for SCHHOOOLL!! He was so excited to go, that it made it
hard for me to be upset!! He loves his teacher, Mrs. Brotherton,
and of course loves his friends that are in the class with him!
So it made for a pretty smooth and easy first week!
As long as Ash is by his side, i think he can conquer anything :)
its for those days when she wont be, that im scarred for :)
Love you Tre!!! So proud of who u are and looking forward to
seeing who you will become!!! You are one of the sweetest, warm-hearted,
generous, and loving boys I know, and I must say you are one
of the cutest...of course!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hanging w Nana

Nana drove up from Delaware to hang out w us for a couple of days! yeaaa.
Our first stop...Snake and Animal Farm!! We love this place. We've
been going there ever since my brothers and I were young. Snakes, monkeys,
goats, wolves...quite a mix of animals to say the least, but it
made for a great outing. Tre and Maddie loved to feed the animals
snacks and bottles. Thanks mom for a fun week. love u